Dumbo Chair – Ellie Nonemacher



I think architects and designers are so enamored by the design of a fine chair because of its ability to capture the moment of form follows function in the most minimalistic sense.  A chair design has to have control of structure, material integrity, and a spatial relationship to the human body.  Each corner, joint and connection on a chair is tangible and has to flow to realize a fine chair.  Myself I am a sucker for minimalistic chair designs from Eames to Mies, but recently Ellie Nonemacher’s “Dumbo Chair” (perfectly named) caught our eye.  A graduate interior design student out of the University of Oregon shows an acute eye for detail and craft in her bent wood design.  Certainly having Nils-Ole Zib, a well known designer and furniture-maker, as your professor certainly helps, but Ellie’s moments of connection in the chair appear effortless.  Check it out after the…

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