“Timeless Pieces and Quiet Research”-furniture design by John Reeves.

Work shop

Born in England, John Reeves is an internationally recognised designer whose passion lies in working locally and regionally on an interactive level where design is not just communicated but felt. In doing so, John Reeves has honed a particular and pragmatic skill base: travelling, living and adapting to the various cultures and people he meets when working with the craftspeople of our planet.
These travels not only establish a better understanding of global resources but also the relevance a design can have to our global environment; creating and perhaps rediscovering unique ties directly between makers, designer and buyers; having a hand in each of the processes allows for an undiluted and ‘real’ conduit from production to the end user with genuine responsibility and accountability.
Reeves tenet of designing not for the trend but with real longevity in mind, striving to create timeless pieces that are not for the short term…

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