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This week, I interviewed the designer and maker Brendan Dawes for my podcast, Looking Sideways. Brendan’s known for early interactive web projects like Psycho Studio, that allows users to remix Hitchcock’s famous shower scene themselves. He’s also known for his physical projects, such as the Moviepeg and Popa iPhone accessories, and devices that cross the digital/physical divide, such as the Happiness Machine, an internet-connected printer that prints random happy thoughts from people across the web.

We talked about designing physical objects that embody hidden digital information:

“I think we should be embracing digital a lot more than we currently do, but digital is hard to touch. It exists in this space that you never actually see. Creating physical things for me has always been about trying to manifest that,” he says.

“One of the projects I’m working on at the moment is a physical box for your…

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