How Do We Make New Makers?

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Education Day Bay Area 2013

How do we make new make new makers? Recent experience shows that when kids are exposed to the context for making, they pretty much handle the job themselves. We just need to get out of the way. The challenge to us adults is, providing that context, and being brave enough to get out of the way. Enter Maker Education Day.

Every year before Maker Faire, a group of school kids gets exposed to just what it means to be a maker. We’re not teaching them. We’re exposing them. Perhaps infecting them might even by the right term. Because once they see the amazing stuff other makers are doing, they catch it: The desire to make.

The next bit is crucial. Give them a chance to see the makers in themselves. Let them play. Hand them tools. Ask them to try. Then watch them light up, and get out of the…

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