Maker Faire a Place for Innovators

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A host of hopeful startups will be in evidence today the Bay Area Maker Faire. The fair’s list of sponsors includes a startup category. Maker Faire is a chance for many of these companies to show their products to an appreciative audience. The relationship goes deep; the companies were started by people who identify themselves as makers. Being part of Maker Faire is sort of like a family graduation day party. There is even a dedicated startup area at Maker Faire.

Here is a sampling of small innovative startups have timed the release of significant news with Maker Faire.

Barobo, an innovator of educational robots, announced this week that the company’s Kickstarter will coincide with the Maker Faire debut of their new Linkbot. The Linkbot is more hackable, more configurable, and comes with more features than the original Mobot. Barobo expects attendees from all ages to create with the Linkbot at…

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