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Brothers Luke and AdamIseman gave an inspiring talk on Saturday at Maker Faire Bay Area’s Education Stage about how they created a $1,000 micro-scholarship for students at their former high school in Pennsylvania  — and how you can do the same. Their award is called the BEST Award (Butwin Elias Science and Technology Award), and they made it to encourage kids to make, and to honor two of their two favorite teachers in high school, Mr. Butwin and Mr. Elias.

MAKE donated a magazine subscription to this effort a couple months ago, and at that time, Mr. Elias and Mr. Butwin didn’t even know MAKE magazine existed! In just a few short months, they have already started incorporating projects into their curriculum: Mr. Elias built an alcohol-powered two-liter bottle rocket to demonstrate D = RT.

“It’s really easy to be in our bubble of, ‘Oh yeah, of course…

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