The Knock-Em-Out Knock-Off War: Are cheap versions of the real deal really all so bad?

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Hey! Cheapos! Stop all this “Disposable Consumption” – designers are trying to put FOOD on the table over here!

Getting the look-for-less is a common theme found in fashion and home decor magazines. It is also a colourful sport among friends who compete for the most fabulous finds at the cheapest price. Nowadays it seems like it’s less about what you got as it is about how little you paid for it!

At the center of this heated debate seems to be chair design, with big hitters like Emeco and Fritz Hansen starring in recent articles decrying the appropriation of original designs into more affordable formats that * gasp * the GENERAL PUBLIC could enjoy.  In regards to the booming knock-off market, Sara Ost – Dwell’s Digital Content Editor as well as the author of a recent article regarding the impact of knock-off designs — had the following to say:

Disposable consumption quote - Sarah Ost


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