Into the light and out of the dark


Meeting Jay Blades, the co-founder of  Out of the Dark leaves quite an impression.

I had read about the charity and the support they were receiving from the likes of Heals, John Lewis and Farrow & Ball. High Wycombe was not too far away from Central London. Another adventure to add to my growing list, supported by my trusted iPhone maps application (between you and me, without that app, I would still be driving around High Wycombe looking for my destination).

I pulled into what looked like an old warehouse and knocked on the door to be greeted by a rather tall man sporting a cap and a large grin. “You must be the blogger” he said. Before I had the time to respond I was told to “Come on in”.
I mention this because his warmth and personality are central to this story.
Jay Blades, admits he…

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